Thursday, March 30, 2006

Northwest's Application For New Airline Hits the Dockets

Here is the DOT application for Northwest's new airline.We are posting this even though it does not excite us very much. We are not experts regarding NW's bankruptcy and there are far better sources on the web to read about those happenings than here. As of now we have no plans to follow this synthetic airline closely. It's likely to be an operator of large RJs similar to what was setup during US' bankruptcy which is called Mid Atlantic Airways. Nonetheless, here are a few bullet points to take away from the filing:

-The airline is called Compass.

-The first route will be MSP-IAD. Obviously, this has more to do with the fact that IAD was the Independence hub and that MSP is the NW HQ city than any real strategy behind the airline.

-Its team is all borrowed execs from NW mainline full-timers who are not likely to move over to Compass. If it is going to be a clone of Mid Atlantic, then there will likely be a team that is limited to very few above and beyond the "five wise men".

-The RJs are currently planned to be fitted in a 2 class configuration.

-NW has given the company $2 million to get started.


At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Tucano Bandeirante said...

They bought the FlyI certificate for this little boondoggle, and hired their Directors of Maintenance, Safety, Operations, Chief Pilot and Chief Inspector. Glad to see that some people got to keep their jobs.

Here's my question -- why do the legacies keep trying to build these airlines-within-an-airline when they clearly don't work? Actually, I'd say customer wise, Song was a success. Too bad Song has to go away instead of Delta!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Emerging Airlines said...

Keep in mind that we're not experts when it comes to the NW bktcy. This is very different than a carrier within a carrier. It's an avenue to alter their cost structures across a set of carriers (mainline NW, 3rd parties like Pinnacle, wholly owned subs like Compass) and side step scope clauses on large RJs.

At 2:35 PM, Blogger jeff fonner said...

my question has always been why not throw more seats on the avros and keep them ...the customers lot the jet.....just a thought....i think mesaba better have a plan b

At 2:44 PM, Blogger jeff fonner said...

thats love the avro jet sorry


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