Saturday, March 04, 2006

Youngstown Airport Community Activists

We feel that there are far too many not-in-my-backyard activist groups (or "NIMBYs") that fight airport development. We certainly encourage anyone to stand-up and fight for a cause they believe in & we would even be willing to help if the anti-airport cause was just in our view. However our experience has been that the majority of the communities we have worked in are pro-airport, but do not have a proportionate impact with politicians because the anti-airport groups are usually much better organized than the pro-airport groups.

That is why we are so fond of pro-airport community activists and we try to do anything we can to help. One such activist group that supports development of the airport at Youngstown, OH can be found at We were pleased to do a Q&A with the blog recently and it is now posted on their website.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Ytown Fan said...

Were happy you were apart of the Q/A and hope to have more Q/A with experts such as you on our airport. We are having survey's, 1 year plans, advertising and much more for our airport.

Thanks so much and let's hope the fairweather fans will come out and join us and fight for their airports.


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